About Us

About Us

Since 1983, ACC has built a solid reputation in the heavy truck, automotive and recreational vehicle industries as a premier supplier of both production and aftermarket parts. Close relationships with our world-class suppliers allow us to pass along clear cost efficiencies to our customers. We consistently add value by managing sourcing through innovative logistics, directing inventory and handling warehousing and distribution. Our state-of-the-art inventory control systems include Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery, which translates into savings for our clients.

Experience the ACC difference:

  • Backed by three decades of global sourcing knowledge
  • Strong global relationships with top suppliers
  • Strategic locales in the U.S. and China
  • Lead-time reduction
  • Versatility to tailor inventory to our customers' forecasts
  • Reduction in supply chain footprint

American Chrome's Quality & Environmental Policy

American Chrome Company is committed to meeting and exceeding the quality and environmental expectations of our customers. We at American Chrome Company affirm this commitment and have established a comprehensive quality and environmental management system that allows us to meet all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Management System Standards. The employees at American Chrome Company are committed to continuously improve our quality and environmental management system. We strive to improve our Customer's level of satisfaction, through the setting and reviewing of our quality objectives. We also strive to be environmentally responsible through being aware of our impact on the environment through our business activities. Therefore, we have set environmental objectives in order to reduce our footprint on the environment and we will monitor and measure them, in order to reduce pollution, comply legally, and satisfy our customers. All objectives are reviewed for continued suitability.